Final section to Inverness

We chose to finish the North Coast 500 route at Inverness rather than cross west to Loch Carron again as we want to take a different route home. We are stopping at Clachnaharry to view the start of the Caledonian Canal. This is because a friend and I are undertaking a little photo project this year, she will document the Rideau canal in Ontario, Canada, which happens to be twinned with my subject, the Caledonian Canal. It takes us a little time to locate the road to access the sea lock through which boats can enter the canal, which connects the east and west coasts of Scotland, thereby saving boats the more treacherous route round the north coast and the tellingly named Cape Wrath.

Clachnaharry Sea Lock Inverness

Clachnaharry Sea Lock Inverness

This visit achieved we depart from the North Coast 500 to continue on to Grantown on Spey in the Cairngorms for a couple of nights.


The old ‘coffin bridge’ at Carrbridge

SO, all I can say is the North Coast 500 is a wonderful route for a road trip and you will not be disappointed with the scenery, people you meet or things to see and do. Fantastic walks to be had everywhere and perfect for cycling too. I wish we had spent a little more time around Torridon and the North west coast but it is good to leave some treats for a return trip!