Montrose, a trip down Memory Lane.

As a child we always had holidays in Montrose on the east coast of Scotland. My father’s family came from this area so it holds special memories for me. I was pleased to find that it hasn’t changed too much or been spoiled, it remains a rather traditional seaside town. The town has a view of a two-mile square tidal lagoon, Montrose Basin, which is considered a nature reserve of international importance. It is the largest inland salt water basin in the UK, and an important habitat for the mute swan.


Montrose Basin

Montrose Basin. Source: Wikipedia

We found my grandparents old home in Panmure Terrace and enjoyed a coffee in nearby The Pavilion, a very friendly,quirky and dog welcoming establishment which we highly recommend.

The Pavilion, Montrose

The Pavilion, Montrose

Montrose was also famous for training Minesweepers during WW2  and there is a monument to them on the seafront.

Minesweeper monument in Montrose, Angus,Scotland.

Minesweeper monument, Montrose.

The beach, well the poor old beach once with magnificent high sand dunes is now facing problems of serious erosion and here I certainly did see a huge change. Tons of rock have been brought from Norway of all places to try and protect the dunes from the waves but it is clear that greater remedies need to be considered now.

On the way back to Stonehaven we stopped at the berry-oriented Charleton Fruit Farm for a delicious tea and strawberry tart – biggest I have ever seen – yum!

Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Tart


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