Lizzie visits the Garage.

It was MOT time for Lizzie, the first since we bought her so off she went to our friendly local garage for a full service and Test. We hadn’t felt that there was anything mechanically wrong so were hopeful that she would sail through. Wrong! Nothing very major though, new wiper blade, new brake pads and brake cylinders and new brake light. In addition we asked them to source a new door handle as we had a little encounter with a swinging gate which had damaged the passenger door handle. She was all clean and sparkling and pleased to see us the next day although we were a few hundred pounds poorer. Hey ho, had to be done!


4 thoughts on “Lizzie visits the Garage.

  1. Eek, we were hoping ours would sale through too but it has been at the garage since Friday morning! Not sure what the hold up is but I’m sure it should only take an hour to do an MOT?! Hoping to get her back this afternoon!


      • Well good luck and fingers crossed. Think we were probably overcharged. Garage told us motorhomes need a ‘commercial service’ as vehicle is based on a commercial van base and more needs to be checked. Not sure if this true! Only 22k on the clock and only travelled 3000 miles in last year. We paid £617 for the service and MOT which does seem excessive……


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