5 best things about motorhoming

Sitting back home and missing travelling in Lizzie, got me thinking of the best things about owning a motorhome. Here are my top 5:

  1. Freedom. Having Lizzie enables us to go somewhere different anytime we like. A few days to the coast or  a long weekend to climb a Munro or a longer road trip such as the wonderful North Coast 500. With our bikes on board we have even more freedom when we arrive at a destination. We plan France next year……..the world truly is our oyster!
  2. Dog Friendly. Motorhoming is ideal for dogs. Our Beardie loves it when we arrive on site and we set out to explore the local walks and he gets to meet neighbouring dogs. He quickly found his own favourite spot in the van and sleeps under the table at night.
  3. A Place for Everything. I just love all the little cupboards and cubby holes in Lizzie and it never ceases to amaze me just how much storage space we have, more than we need really.
  4. Community. I love how other Motorhome drivers wave as they go past. I enjoy reading blogs by other motorhome and RV users. I love the chats I’ve had with the person washing up their dishes next to me. It is so interesting to meet other people on their travels around the world and we are a little community whenever and wherever we park up.
  5. Cost. The cost of fuel aside, we can have a break away relatively cheaply. If we stay on site it might cost us up to £25 a night or of course we can wild camp for nothing if we want. We find our National Trust membership is a great partner for Motorhoming and we are certainly getting our money’s worth out of our subscription this year!

Without any discussion I asked Chris for his top 5 and here they are:

  1. Fredom to Roam.
  2. Fresh Air.
  3. Greater choice of places to go now.
  4. Low Cost holidays.
  5. Comfortable & Cosy.

For all you other motorhome users out there, what is your favourite thing about van life?




3 thoughts on “5 best things about motorhoming

  1. Here’s my list…
    1) On an RV trip, we spend more time outdoors than on other vacations.
    2) We get to stay where we play….usually state beaches.
    3) We get to bring our dog, Charlie!
    4) We only eat out when we we want to.
    4) the journey their si part of the fun (unlike flying these days).
    There, that was easy!


    • Totally concur Al and thanks for your Top 5. Certainly for us too the journey is a big part of the fun and the unexpected delights which can be found along the way. One day we hope to hire a RV in the US and see how we fare! At least your roads and parking spaces are bigger!

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