North to Durness

The road north out of Clachtoll is truly amazing, must have been around 9 miles of single track road which follows the coastline and affords great views out to sea. Our next stop was the exotic sounding Sango Sands Oasis campsite at Durness where we had booked ahead for two nights. This was another site by the beach although perched above it this time. 3 toilet blocks but only one open.Toilets were fine but the showers left a lot to be desired. Plus points were the pub restaurant next door and a handy Spar shop within walking distance and a little fuel station.

Sango sands Oasis campsite

Sango Sands campsite

I have to HIGHLY recommend the walk out to Faraid Head from Durness. There is a MOD station at the end of this peninsula which fences off access to the extreme point but it is a fabulous walk nonetheless. If the tide is out you can walk at least one way on the beach and take the military road through the magnificent dunes for the other.

Faraid Head cairn

Cairn at Faraid Head

Faraid Head beach

White sands of Faraid Head


Faraid Head beach

Faraid Head beach

On the way back we stopped at the quirky Balnakeil Craft Village housed in old RAF buildings on the outskirts of Durness. Don’t miss an incredible hot chocolate at Cocoa Mountain here, (where the very kind owner gave us a vial of SpotOn for Brodie who had picked up not one but TEN sheep ticks over the last couple of days – suspect the old Peat Road route as he was yomping through the heather) and the most wonderful selection of chocolates to take home. I also loved the craft shop called Cast Off Crafts, the owner & her beautiful spaniel were very friendly and the display of driftwood wall panels were quite inspirational.

From Durness campsite you can walk up to Smoo Cave. Not a great deal to see really but a few interesting information boards and you can walk down steps to view the inside of the cave. We walked Brodie here just before we continued our road trip, next stop Dunnet Head.


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