Life on board Lizzie

Chris mapreading

Chris working out route on map.

I was never one for sleeping under canvas and am one of those people who attracts any biting insects from miles around so was a little apprehensive about how I would take to staying in a motorhome. I needn’t have worried, I love every minute of it! We carefully chose to do the North Coast500 route in April before the pesky Midges come on holiday too.

There’s nothing better than enjoying breakfast looking out over an empty beach of golden sand or listening to the waves as you drift off to sleep. The many chats with those in adjacent pitches or the fun of bumping into fellow travellers as you happen to arrive at the same site again. The joy of stopping wherever you want for a cup of home brewed tea and never having to hunt for a public loo again! The pleasure of a a week or so with NO television – I don’t understand those who take a TV with them – and the eagerly awaited Scrabble tournament we always have on a trip.

I love the way there is a place for everything on Lizzie, lots of little cubby holes to store things and we have acquired a set of lidded boxes to take all our bits and pieces and find that a square of rubbery non slip mat stops pots and pans etc from rattling when on the move. I’ll get round to adding more tips for travellers in another post 😊


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